Rethinking Product Inspection with Metal Detection and X-ray Systems

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February 14, 2023
Rethinking Product Inspection with Metal Detection and X-ray Systems

Rethinking Product Inspection with Metal Detection and X-Ray




One of the regular misconceptions we hear from our customers is that one inspection system, either metal detection or x-ray inspection, is adequate for complete quality assurance.  Unfortunately, it’s not that clear-cut.  There are some very complimentary aspects of metal detection & x-ray inspection.  Both technologies offer their own strengths and limitations, and both have undergone great improvements in discovering contaminants within your products.

Which one is best for your production lines? Packaging World and Fortress Technology can help. Join Steve Gidman, President of Fortress Technology, and Matt Reynolds, Editorial Director of Packaging World, as they expose the myth of these competing quality control technologies on March 23, 2023 at 1:00 PM ET .  They will talk in depth about:

  • The capabilities, limitations, and implications of metal detection and x-ray technologies
  • Cost of ownership considerations
  • Where, when, and how to deploy each technology
  • Using a risk and fact-based approach to examine use cases for each technology
  • Defending your inspection system choice to other parties
  • Join the Webinar


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