What Our Customers Are Saying…

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July 11, 2019
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July 8, 2020
What Our Customers Are Sayng

What Our Customers Are Sayng About the Regal Team

What Our Customers Are Saying…

It’s always gratifying when customers share their appreciation for your service and product quality.  Here’s just a sample of what we hear all the time…

Business Owners

Over the years I have referred several of my clients to you because I did research and found your company to have the best prices, quality, and traceability.
— Business Owner

When you run a business, you discover that it’s the people on your staff that make it a success. I’ve known the Testrods.com at Regal Packaging for some time, and everyone has been very professional. I appreciate the high standard that Regal Packaging brings to the industry. Lead times are always quick, and the free certificates are a real bonus. Regal understands the needs of the food industry and do a wonderful job helping us guarantee product safety.
— George Pecenica
City Foods

“As a business owner, I fully understand that it’s the people in a company that make it a success. When I have had contact with the Testrods.com team, everyone has been very professional and helpful. This speaks volumes about the type of company Regal Packaging Services is. I have been very pleased with the quick turnaround time, the complimentary certificates and the depth of knowledge in the Testrods.com team. They understand the needs of the food industry and do a great job helping ensure product safety.“
— Frank Urquides
Business Owner
Quality Control Professional

“When you run a business, you learn quickly that it’s the people you hire that make it a success. As I’ve dealt with the Testrods.com team, everyone has been very professional. I appreciate the type of company Regal Packaging is. The turnaround time is always quick and the free certificates are easy to obtain. They understand the ins and outs of the food industry and do a terrific job helping us guarantee product safety.“
— Dennis Grazian
Business Owner
QA Consultant

The team at Testrods.com has always been able to meet and exceed all our need for a wide variety of test pieces, both in their standard product line as well as their customized solutions. No one knows the ins and outs of the food industry as well as Testrods.com and the rest of the crew at Regal Packaging Services. Their commitment to providing quality, certified product is unsurpassed in the industry. We’re ccertain they can meet the needs of any quality control process and back it up with honest, friendly, personal customer service.
— Barak Zeichner
TMI Barak Ltd. Israel

I have been working with Test Rods (Regal Pack) for about 5 years and they have always gone over and beyond the norm to help us get what we needed. Particularly Brian Kiel has been extremely helpful to in designing customized test materials that would fit our process. He and his team does this in a amazingly quick turn-around time. They understand the time constraints we work on and get us the customized, quality product that we need in no time. I will definitely recommend Test Rods (Regal Pack) for your X-ray and Metal Detector test material needs.
— Annamalai Suri
Regulatory and Audit Compliance Manager
Ed Miniat

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Quality Assurance Professionals

In the food industry, companies that are able to help us solve the challenges inherent to our application are hard to find. The sales staff and production team at Testrods.com have worked with us to find just the right solution to meet our needs. We have been very pleased with the service provided by Testrods.com. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. Recently we had a problem and needed customized test pieces. We were able to find a solution for our specific application and the Testrods.com provided it within a very quick turnaround. The test pieces are the same high quality as all their standard products and comes with the same certification.
— José Morales
Manager Food Safety | Quality Assurance

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Custom Order Customers

I received the custom testrods. Thank you for the quick turn-around. I am still waiting for quotes from some of your competitors. I am not used to such high level of service.
— Joseph Kotarkski
Equipment Development

I had Regal Packaging Services make a custom order test card for an x-ray machine used in our plant, which was able to fulfill all of our expectations as a safety check for our plant. Which such good results that I was able to get from it I would recommend it to anybody using x-ray machines for food purposes. Any questions about the test pieces, they were able to answer me and provided samples. I appreciate the quality and timeliness of work that Regal Packaging Services had done for us. In sum it was a pleasure to do business them.
— Susana Morales
X-ray Tech
Nestle Stouffers

I just received the delivery. These are perfect. Thank you again for your insight and incredible customer service.

— Daniel Lee
Application Engineer – Inspection

Our facility searched through multiple vendors looking for a test standard to meet our specific needs without success. We saw that the Testrods.com division of Regal Packaging had custom products available so we contacted their customer support team with our requirements. The staff at Testrods.com approached the challenge very enthusiastically and found a solution to our unique process. They created the custom product very quickly and with high quality. Thank you very much for supporting our facility.
– Luis Tapia
Manufacturing Plant Engineer
Olam Spices

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Assistants and Tech Managers

I greatly appreciate your assistance with this. You guys take amazing care of us and its so greatly appreciated! If you could just send tracking as soon as its available, we will let you know when this has been received. Sorry to put you through all this trouble. You guys are rockstars.
— Executive Assistant

Thank you so much for your quick response! I really appreciate it because I recently had a horrible experience with another vendor! High five to you and your team!
— Technical Services Manager

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