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Testrods Nylon Test Case
January 11, 2017
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Thermoform Test Cards – Fused Quartz Glass
October 26, 2022
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Custom Test Pieces and Multi-Cards, Call 866-691-8560 or Email testrods@testrods.com

ANY kind of test piece you can imagine – put us to the test!

We can make Test Pieces customized completely unique for your application.  Designing specifically to your requirements is our specialty.  We will provide a quote for any custom test piece. All you need to do is tell us exactly what your requirements are.  We take care of the rest.  We’ve manufactured everything from a 24ft “rope” to 6ft long test pieces to blocks, hexagons and 1/2″ x 3/16″ “pills” as well as a variety of sizes of cards.  In addition, ask us about our custom bone simulate test pieces (check out the article about bone simulate here).   We believe we can meet any challenge your processing may require.   We can also provide cards with multiple seeds.  Laminate cards will accommodate up to 6 seeds, up to 4.0mm.  Our thermoform version can hold nearly as many as you’d like in any size or variation of seeds/standards.   Our largest card held 100 seeds on a 10″x 10″ card and was designed for bone detection in chicken.  And, for a nominal setup fee, we can put your name, contact information, and brand logo on the pieces for a nominal.   Take a look at some of the test pieces we’ve made.   Call us today for Test Pieces customized, 866-691-8560 or email testrods@Testrods.com

Validation testing of Metal Detectors and X-ray Inspection Systems is a critical component of a HACCP plan and quality management system. Validating the performance of your systems, before and during production runs gives you the assurance your systems are compliant to your plans and production standards.  Testrods is a division of Regal Packaging Services.  Hard Plastic Test Cards – Ceramic are made from Acetal Copolymer.

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